The Independent Caregiver Option is the most cost-effective, autonomy granting, self-directed We will respond to your questions or pass along your comments to the Governor. Please sporeak up for our elderly and people with disabilities.

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Legal Discussion about the  ongoing discrimination.

Letter to  Gov. Sandoval

Are you a media person? Please  look into doing an in-depth story including these questions that show an ongoing Discrimination.

You must file a discrimination complaint against the state of Nevada in order to participate in dependent caregiver option.

Three unanswered discrimination complaints sent to Gov. Sandoval.

Are you a press person? Please  consider doing an in-depth story including these Questions That Determine Discrimination.

Gov. Addresses Nevada Medicaid Issues

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Nevada Medicaid Issues:

Wage Proportionate Disbursements…
What are wage proportionate disbursements?
Why Implement Now?

Creating a Truly Workable "Money  Follows the Person" system…
Stop all unnecessary Institutionalization.

Private strategy to effect this change

Read the story of the ongoing effort to effect these changes in Nevada Medicaid.  Please visit Governor of Nevada.

What is the Independent Caregiver, in Home Care Option? 
It is a Nevada Medicaid-paid home care option. The recipient interviews and chooses their own caregiver. That caregiver then contracts with the State to work under the direction of the recipient. (That is, fully self-directed homecare.) The option saves the State a little money by cutting out the middleman's profits. More importantly, it gives greater independence to people with disabilities. 

Here is a brief overview.

Independent Caregiver Option Advantages:

Who should enroll in the Independent Caregiver Option?
You should file a discrimination complaint to gain access to this option if:

You have a right to this home care option.  The Independent Caregiver Option should not be unfairly withheld from any eligible recipient, who desires to use it and is capable of managing their own home care*.

*In cases where a home care recipient desires to use the Independent Caregiver Option, but is not capable of directing their own care, that person's "responsible person" must also be allowed fair access to the option.